Restoque does not allow or tolerate any form of discrimination or prejudice, of any nature (race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical or intellectual disability, ethnic precepts, sociocultural condition, nationality, or marital status) against any associate, supplier, partner, or customer. The Company stresses that its values are the respect for people, the incentive to diversity, and the strict compliance with human rights.




We value diversity and make sure that the inclusion of all associates happens in a respectful and indistinct manner, following the Company’s rules of conduct and ethics.
Gender equality and the representativeness of women’s work in the entire Company is a factor of great relevance for us. Currently, women comprise 75% of the total number of employees of the Company, and 72% of the total number of leaders and managers.

*The following are considered leadership roles: coordination, sub-management, management, and executive board




Responsibility, commitment, and respecting others are part of our philosophy at Restoque. We believe that a professional ethic in all levels of the organization is vital, both on the part of the employer and the employee, for the good development and smoothness of the work.





Our Code of Ethics and Conduct intends to guide all associates, regardless of the hierarchical level, about all ethical and social responsibility principles of Restoque in order to maintain a harmonious environment based on honesty and loyalty. This is our guide, which is digitally shared with every associate and presented upon each hiring.



As broadly disclosed at the Company’s premises and Stores, the channel for complaints is always open for our associates, suppliers, partners, and customers to report conducts that violate out Code of Conduct and Ethics and the legislation in force. In a quick, safe, and confidential way, it is possible to make a complaint or criticism, via Internet or over the phone, and it will be analyzed by an outsourced and independent company and sent to our Internal Audit and Human Resources departments. This channel is known to the public and everyone can report anything, having their complaints met and handled with discretion and seriousness.