Our national suppliers in the clothing, accessories, and shoes industries are certified by the Brazilian Textile Retail Association (ABVTEX). In order to get this certification, the supplier goes through a rigorous audit that seeks to ensure that it is in compliance with the good practices and statutory requirements of the industry in the fight against child labor, slave labor, and any form of discrimination, in addition to checking the fair working hours, the worker’s safety, and the full compliance with the labor legislation and environmental rules. Even after the certification and the beginning of the partnership, the supplier must comply with the rules and be approved by our internal audit every year. Our plants in Terra Boa, in the state of Paraná, and in Aparecida de Goiânia, in the state of Goiás, also meet all requirements set by ABVTEX, being submitted every year to the same quality control, occupational safety, and legislation compliance audits applicable to all suppliers.



In addition to requiring the ABVTEX certification, we also carry out periodic internal audits (or specific, in particular cases) to monitor our suppliers. This work has been already recognized by the government, and it values and professionalizes the entire production chain. While ABVTEX demands 70% of adherence in its audit, Restoque’s internal audit demands 100% adherence. We offer all the support required for the supplier to be always in compliance with the highest levels of demand. If the supplier fails to meet the goal we set, Restoque will act with an action plan to rectify the non-conformities. If the supplier fails to rectify the non-conformities after three months, we will stop working with this supplier.




We have plants in Terra Boa, Paraná, and in Aparecida de Goiânia, in Goiás. In both of them, we ensure the proper occupational conditions to our associates, valuing an organized and clean environment, with control of working hours, and all the facilities for the associates’ daily routine. All that is monitored by the internal audit and by ABVTEX’ external certification audit. The plants also have the appropriate environmental license the certified disposal for the entire industrial waste, which are monitored by this certification. Restoque maintains a learning program with technical qualifications for 40 apprentices (menor aprendiz), donates fabric remnants to NGOs of the region, and maintains a campaign to collect clothes among the associates.