Prior to contacting a brokerage firm, we recommend that you study more on the topic through the BM&FBOVESPA website. Aiming to contribute with the learning experience of new investors, the São Paulo Stock Exchange prepared a Basic Course on the Stock Market. There are three different modules, which also offer exercises to test your knowledge. To access the modules, click on the links below:

Basic Course “Stock Market”

Basic Course “Spot Market”

Basic Course “Options Market”

Once you have finalized these modules, the next step is to contact a brokerage firm. Brokers and other financial intermediaries have professionals specialized in market, industry and company analysis who can help you identify the ideal timing to buy and sell certain stocks in order to achieve the best results.

You can also trade stocks via the Internet. To do so, you must be a client of a BM&FBOVESPA brokerage firm that offers the Home Broker system, which allows the trading of shares via the Internet. A list of the Brokerage Firms offering the Home Broker system is available here.