Our Story

2020 - 2021

Go Digital

We advanced in digital transformation actions, eliminated barriers between online and offline work and continued with the proposal to increasingly offer a service of excellence to our customers.


Strategic Repositioning

Strategic repositioning to resume sustainable growth based on two pillars – strengthening the brands’ DNA and fully focusing on customer experience and satisfaction.


Improvement of the industrial park

Consolidation of production at our plants in Terra Boa, in the state of Paraná, and Aparecida de Goiânia, in the state of Goiás. In the same period, both plants obtained the ABVTEX certification.

Technology Upgrade

Go-live of the Live Retail platform, a proprietary real-time indicator management and internal communication system, and the implementation of the omnichannel platform.


Completion of the merger of Dudalina S.A., with the aim of bringing synergy gains.


Dudalina is acquired with the brands Individual and Base Jeans, which were included in Restoque’s portfolio. Founded in 1957, it established itself as a well-known brand of high-standard shirts, with a wide range of complementary products.


Adhesion to ABVTEX

Our national suppliers of clothing, accessories and shoes are certified by the Brazilian Association of Textile Retail – ABVTEX.


Restoque acquired the rights to the Rosa Chá brand. As owner of the brand, it expanded its concept, originally restricted to beachwear, and expanded the product portfolio with high fashion and quality references.


The John John brand is acquired. In 2012, the product line was expanded and the brand was launched in the retail market through its own stores, having as icon the most innovative jeans in Brazil.


Restoque acquired the brand BO.BÔ – Bourgeois Bohême. The Company redesigned and repositioned the brand and expanded its product portfolio, so that today it is a young and cosmopolitan brand of high standards.


The Company went public (IPO) on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, under ticker LLIS3. In the same year, it increased its number of stores by 200%.


Le Lis Blanc is created with the aim of developing a women’s fashion business that translates the contemporary lifestyle, focused on a well-informed and demanding consumer.

Opening of the first Le Lis Blanc store, at Shopping Iguatemi, in São Paulo.


The Company was founded in 1982, under the name Restoque.