Le Lis

Having over three decades of tradition and history, Le Lis Blanc has achieved its position by offering a broad portfolio of products that women can dress in all moments of their lives.

Representing a lifestyle full of happiness, desire, style and versatility, the brand is in tune with world trends and is part of the emotional memory of different generations of Brazilian women. Its pieces are thought for all occasions – from work outfits, with well-cut tailoring, to party outfits – in addition to its Petit line and Le Lis Casa, with decorative items and scents.

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Having been producing shirts with excellence since 1957, Dudalina has grown over the last few decades and currently offers a wide variety of products for both men and women, focused on business clothing, which is an absolute success.

Our purpose has always been to offer elegant and appropriate pieces of clothing for daily work life. In addition to shirts – which have established the brand with pieces made with the best raw materials – jeans and casual pieces also make up the collections, designed for all moments of life, including leisure times.

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John John

Founded in 2003, John John is a fashion platform inspired by music whose icon is the most innovative jeans in Brazil, offering a young style full of attitude for men and women of all ages.

Sports, pop culture and the digital universe make up the soul of the brand in an urban, rocker and night-time mood, with collections for both men and women, accessories and special lines with unique washes and finishings.

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Created in 2006, Bo.Bô represents elegance, glamor and excellence. The brand offers a complete wardrobe that goes from leisure to party outfits, with pieces made from premium raw materials.

Being constantly present in the most popular red carpets, Bo.Bô maintains its sophisticated essence, renewing its classics every season – such as animal print, precious embroidery, powerful tailoring, leather pieces and the classic Snake sandal, always part of its collections.

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Founded in 1987 by the Dudalina Group in Santa Catarina, Individual has a sophisticated and classic style approach.

Today, as part of the Restoque Group, Individual continues to position itself through multi-brand channels, being present in more than a thousand stores across the country. The group’s core business is shirtmaking, and it is considered the best in the Brazilian national market.

Rosa Chá

Having been in the market for over 20 years, Rosa Chá brings the freshest in fashion to its stores. Authentic, global, cool and full of attitude, the brand’s collections comprise clothes and accessories for all occasions – from day-to-day life to parties –, created with sophisticated fabrics and raw materials.

Intricate embroidery, leather pieces and beachwear make up Rosa Chá’s DNA, which brings its contemporary lifestyle to life together with a cool team of ambassadors.

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