Who we are


We are not just a brand of clothing or a store.
We are much more. We are a lifestyle, a way of living, a unique experience, a sense of well-being, we are achievement, happiness, inspiration, beauty; a good dream

It’s everything you feel when you feel pretty, good-looking, well-with-yourself, good in your skin.

This is what we want for everyone who enters any one of our stores, anyone who wears our clothes, our accessories, enjoys our fragrances, uses our home products or even thinks about us.
For us, recognition comes in the form of our clients’ happiness wherever they may be.

That’s our mission – to make dreams come true, to predict desires (that’s called fashion sense), to exceed expectations, bring happiness and make our client know that s/he is unique and special.

Each and every one of our clients, when they enter one of our stores or showrooms, should feel how important they, individually, are for us. They should know that they, individually, are a fundamental part of our story, they should be enchanted with the exclusive environment – where every detail has been carefully planned to make the most pleasant effect possible for them. The client should be won over/charmed/enchanted by the people in our sales team, with their tremendous human warmth, and well-modulated, attentive good manners – and be enchanted by our products.

For those who use our products, there is a sense of achievement, beauty, recognition, distinction.

We make dreams become real.

Our aim is to make our clients happy and to exceed their expectations.
This is how we achieve our dreams. Because we have this single, two-part, aim.

We achieve our goal through our products, our stores, and our people. We are a team of achievers. We make our clients’ dreams become reality.

We have several brands – all exclusive – each with well-defined characteristics.
Each has a strong set of features, and a well-defined public – but they all share these values.

Our clients

Our clients are demanding, recurrent, loyal and for them, the norm is that we will always meet – and exceed – their expectations. They demand constant innovation. What we seek, from them, is a long-term, frequent relationship. We respect them, at all times. We enchant them with our products, brands, stores, personal attention and service.

Our clients expect more from us than from other brands.
To win them as clients – and to maintain the relationship –
we need to enchant them: continuously and always.


Our products

Excellence in our products is the only way to be successful.

All our products have to be, differentiated, distinguished, distinctive, perceived as of high quality, a perfect fit and cut with exclusive features.
Our products will always be exclusive, elegant, exceptional, identifying themselves and our clients as having these individual and special qualities, assuring our clients of their origin and the time that has goes into making them so.

We seek fair and appropriate prices for our products
– in which quality and differentiation are fundamental.

Our products are developed by our dedicated and exclusive team of designers for each brand.
These designers continuously analyze, absorb, research, feel and intuit trends in all markets.

They are inspired by the concept of constant excellence, and by the love of what they do – at all times ‘obsessed’ by quality, and by the characteristics of high value and innovation – forming a portfolio of products that is unique in the market. These are the characteristics that our clients call for.

Our team of designers is supported by teams with specialized technical skills in handling, purchasing, planning, supplies, manufacture, quality control and logistics. They all work together to ensure and maintain the exclusive characteristics and exceptional quality that our products demand.
Whatever the fashion trends, the high quality of our products does not change.

The aim of our products is to enchant our clients

We have no place for products of low quality, even if low-priced; nor mass-produced. We will never downgrade the positioning of our brands.

Quite independently of price, all our products, even the most basic, must be specifically individual, distinctive, differentiated and distinguished.

Our people

People are and always will be
the fundamental element of our strategy

Our people are engaged, committed and ‘obsessed’ with quality and excellence.
The qualities we require and constantly cultivate are motivation, determination and innovation. We want at all times to have a team that is coherent, composed of people who follow the same objective, pursue the same goal; experienced people, motivated, with proven results and an untiring desire to meet targets.

Our people must at all times be committed to our values and aims, and our culture of high performance focused on results.

These are qualities we require from our team:

Our team does not hide its errors and problems. On the contrary, it is transparent, faces problems directly; each person seeks solutions jointly with other members of the team.

Everyone in the company has an obligation to disagree if they believe something is wrong or if they have a better idea. Speaking the truth and asking difficult questions needs to be ‘safe’ for all people, in all roles.

The team always puts the company’s interests first; the team respects the work environment, keeping it always clean and organized; the team cares for the company’s property as if it were their own. They handle the company’s information with good judgment and confidentiality. The company does not admit untidy situations, or disinterest over issues.

We are a meritocracy. We untiringly seek talents; we feel a duty to offer opportunity and exceptional compensation to those who meet and exceed their goals.

We have a need to continue to attract and develop talents. Hiring the best talent is a function and obligation of all. There is no success without an exceptional group of people working united with a common goal. Our present and future success depends on this.

Required features of our team are:


Act ethically and with commitment to legality and the company’s rules.


Keep the work environment, and the company’s resources, organized, clean and well-preserved at all times.


Make rational use of the company’s funds and to keep focus on what adds value – acting to prevent waste and bureaucracy.


Change is a constant in our business; we must continually research and implement new trends, new technologies, new processes, and innovative means of action.


Seek out originality; bring new solutions to all initiatives, processes or products.


Understand that business imposes constant challenges, and respond with determination and strength to overcome them.


Act and communicate always with the truth, without subterfuge or dissimulation.

Control and management

Manage and act with objective information, analysis of data, systematized controls, and decisions taken with complete and carefully-thought-out consideration.

It is our team that generates our success.

Le Lis Blanc
John John
Rosa cha

Our stores

Our physical and online stores are the instrument of our direct relationship with our clients – and are thus always at the focus of our initiatives and strategies.

Our relationship with clients is constructed in our stores

Our physical and online stores all work together – they form a single and integrated platform seeking the best performance for the company,

and the exceptional standard demanded by our clients. Of our total employees, 80% work in our stores.

The physical stores of all our brands are in distinctive, carefully-selected locations, in harmony with our positioning of high standards to meet the expectations of our demanding client base. We need to create, maintain and update our stores with exclusive, creative, differentiated architecture that is inviting, enchanting, seductive – and beautiful.

Each of our brands has exclusive stores with characteristics aligned with its identity.

These stores are a way for our clients not only to experience and try out the products we sell, but also a way for them to become familiar with the particular qualities of each one of our brands.

Each of our stores is a constant icon – telling our clients about our differentiated positioning, and reiterating our capacity for creativity. Our team of designers, our teams handling visual merchandising, architecture, retail, wholesale and e-commerce, logistics and technology – all these work together to make our clients’ experience of our stores something exceptional and to be remembered.

To constantly enchant our clients, maintain, hold and motivate their attention, our stores need to be constantly supplied with new products and designs. We work with constant real-time inflow of the data that reflects and affects the performance of our stores – working continuously to improve their performance. At the same time, we have the obligation of constantly updating our technology to keep it in line with the best available worldwide.

Our stores and products are the expression of who we are.

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